The Future of Internet Connectivity has Arrived.

EATEL introduces GIG, the 1Gbps, high velocity Internet service leveraging our 100% all-fiber network.

10x as FAST as standard high-speed connections

100 eBooks
100 Songs
GIG 1,000 Mbps
1 HD Movie

Regular 100 Mbps

Witness the Speed of GIG

Speed & Power

Upload Speed (mbps) Download Speed (mbps)
Lite 15 5
Standard 25 50
Premium 50 100
Ultimate 50 150
GIG 1000 1000
1 HD Movie 100 eBooks 100 Songs
Lite 13:07 59 s 1:07
Standard 2:11 9.7 s 20 s
Premium 1:06 4.8 s 9.7 s
Ultimate 44 s 3.2 s 6.5 s
GIG 07 s 0.4 s 0.9 s

(s indicates time in seconds)

One Lightning Fast Leap for the Internet

Blazing fast speed allows for lag-free online gaming, plus freeze-free video chatting with friends and family
Multiple high-bandwidth Internet users can connect at the same time -- with ZERO slowdowns
Stream multiple HD movies at once -- without the buffering headaches
Connect multiple smartphones and tablets to your in-home Wi-Fi to save on mobile data
Back up your hard drive to the cloud -- including large photo and video files -- in just seconds


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  • Will my WiFi connection be one gigabit?
  • Can I run a server from my home using EATEL's GIG?

Your Move Into the Internet's Ultra-Fast Lane
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