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proudly presents the next wave of amazing TV technology!

What is LightWave TV?

A new TV service that provides EATEL customers one of the most advanced TV experiences. With Multi-Room DVR, you can record up to 4 programs at once, even in HD, from any room in your house with a set-top box, all from just one DVR -- and with 5 times more storage space. The experience doesn’t stop there. Click here to learn more.

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True Multi-Room DVR

  • Watch from any room. Watch recorded programs from any room in your house with a set-top box, all from one DVR. Start watching in one room, pause, and finish watching in an other.
  • Never miss another show. Record up to 4 shows at once, even in HD, so everyone’s favorite shows gets recorded. Manage recordings from any computer 24/7.
  • Increased storage space. Up to 5 times more recording capacity than your current DVR.
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Espn Tv Bg © 2013 ESPN. All rights reserved Record 4 programs at once even in HD from any room | Up to 5X More Storage Space
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TV On the Move

  • Our new wireless HD set-top boxes allow you to watch LightWave TV anywhere in your home. Move from the living room to the kitchen to the outdoor patio. It's TV viewing wherever you want it!
  • With TV Everywhere service, stream TV programming anywhere, anytime on any of your internet-connect mobile devices.
TV Anywhere

Improved Program Guide

  • Re-designed user-friendly navigation.
  • Advanced searching (by titles, names and keywords).
  • Enhanced access to 1,000s of hours of free and premium Video On Demand titles.
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  • Just like on your smart phone, apps give you instant access to important information and useful tools right on your TV screen.
  • TV Caller ID lets you see who’s calling without moving from your seat.
  • Weather app gives you local forecast, radar and satellite images.
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More HD channels

  • More HD channels, including additional premium HD channels from Starz and Showtime.
  • Crystal-clear HD picture powered by the area’s only 100% fiber-optic network.
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Lady Customer With Remote Bg Free Wi-Fi* — Get Free Wi-Fi connection for 1 year if you are an EATEL Internet customer.

Why switch?


For 80 years, EATEL has provided superior customer service combined with the most advanced technology and innovation. This dedication to innovation and vision for the future has led us to create LightWave TV for our customers -- enjoy the LightWave TV experience!

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How much does it cost?
All LightWave TV pricing and order online information can be found at
How is it different than my current TV service?
LightWave TV is one of the most advanced TV technologies in the country. Learn more about all of the features here. LightWave TV offers great new features like Multi-Room DVR, an improved program guide, advanced searching and a host of others.
Will it work with my existing cable/FiberEdge TV outlets?
Where can I learn how to use all the new LightWave TV features?
You can download our LightWave TV User Guide here.
How long will it take to install LightWave?
It varies for each customer. We reserve a 3-hour time slot for each new LightWave TV installation.
Will you be installing new equipment?
Yes. LightWave TV requires the use of new set-top boxes, as well as some additional new equipment that will be installed inside your home.
Can I install it myself?
The system requires one of our highly trained and skilled service technicians to ensure you have the best possible LightWave TV experience. Consumers can’t install the systems themselves.
Where can I see a demo of LightWave TV in person?
Visit one of our showrooms: 913 S. Burnside Ave in Gonzales or 17188 Airline Highway, Suite D in Prairiville.
Can I keep my current DVR recordings?
Unfortunately, no, so be sure to watch everything that you haven’t yet viewed before your LightWave TV installation.
How can I access my recording schedule remotely?
By visiting, and logging in the LightWave TV module using your username and password. If you haven’t yet registered, you can do so here.
Will the channel lineup be the same as FiberEdge TV?
Yes, with the addition of more HD channels. See the complete LightWave TV channel lineup here.
What new HD channels are available with LightWave TV?
View complete LightWave TV HD channel lineup here.
Is the LightWave remote different than my current remote?
Yes. Learn about the new remote here.
Do I need a set-top box on every TV?
Yes, if you want access to all 235 digital and HD channels, and if you order Multi-Room DVR service. If you just want the 74 Basic Plus channels, then you do not need to connect your TV to a set-top box.